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3-part trunk mats fits for VW Touareg 1 I 7L 2002-2010

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3-part trunk mats fits for VW Touareg 1 I 7L 2002-2010

The trunk mat is composed of three parts. The main mat, mats for the rear seats and protection for the bumper, which are interconnected. In the main mat is a separate mat with an inconspicuous inlaid hinge for the Seats protection and and is folded down. The Bumper protection is made ​​from a specially developed material for such purposes with rubber coating and is under the front mat sewn and hidden.

Picture 1 The protect boot mat in the folded state. The second smaller seat protection mat has been folded down below the front mat. The Bumper protection has under the front mat hidden.
Picture 2 The Bumper protection is unfolded and protects the entire bumper.
Picture 3 The second smaller seat protective mat is extended and now protects the rear seats
Picture 4 The trunk mat is completely open, the bumper and the seats are protected for loading and transportation.


3-piece protect boot mat for VW Touareg 1 I 7L from 2002-2010


Fits for VW Touareg 1 I 7L from 2002-2010
Thick, nylon velor with 800g / m² fiber weight
Bumper protection with fine rubber coating
edging all around and inside crafted stitching
3-part trunk mat with bumper protection black

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